Angela Teyade, a.k.a Ayoo Angie, is a highly motivated, savvy, one-woman machine, grinding like many in the Calgary hip-hop scene to build a devoted following and hone her craft, none of which has gone unnoticed this past year:

 The first thing you notice about Ayoo Angie is her voice. It’s deep and commanding while still feminine and coy, something not seen since Lil Kim was the queen of rap.”

That’s a bold declaration in [Vice’s] Noisey written about the 22-year-old MC earlier this year. Angie’s strong demeanor in her videos and relaxed flow would have anyone believe that this Calgary talent is a veteran in the game, so it can come off as a bit of a surprise to know how humble the young rapper is about all the acclaim she is receiving; a humility that is not at all to be mistaken for a lack of drive.

We caught up with Angie during a break from the 2014 Sled Island Music and Arts Festival where we discussed the Calgary hip-hop scene, industry pressures, and being a female MC.

Read the full interview here.

Marker Sessions – Ep. 1 – Ayoo Angie from Marker on Vimeo.

Filmed during a break from the 2014 Sled Island Music and Arts Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

Beatboxers: 12th Parallel, Whirly Bird, Justin Styles
Video and Editing: VSM Photo
Producer: Brnesh Berhe

Featured song: “Big Momma Thang”