The Tee-Tahs want to have fun forever; they say so in one of their songs. The Edmonton-based garage quartet is comprised of musicians who have already left their marks on Edmonton’s indie scene as solo artists or members of other bands. Together, however, they possess their own brand of unique energy that comes from a lack of taking things too seriously, while simultaneously using it as an outlet to talk about anything and everything they see fit.

Guitarist/vocalist Caity Fisher discussed their impromptu start, and her perspective on how people view the band.

How did Tee-Tahs come to be?
We had the idea of starting a “dumb ideas” band for like two years before we actually got together and did anything about it. Our friend booked us to open for his show and we were like, okay, I guess we should write some songs now, and that was that.

Where do you find inspiration for your songs? Some of the titles are hilarious.
Inspiration comes from just our stupid lives. “Slutfucker” was inspired by a one-night stand. “Eat Shit” was inspired by getting drunk at the skate park. “Wish That I” is about not wanting to go to work—we just think of something silly and make it a song, basically.


Some reviews of your shows say that you have a sort of off-the-cuff, effortless dynamic on stage. Are your sets usually off the cuff?
I think the only reason it sounds off the cuff is because we’ve literally played the same 20-ish minute set for pretty much the entire time we’ve been a band. We could play it in our sleep probably. So the “off the cuff” thing probably comes from us just chilling together on stage.


Have you faced any challenges in terms of being an all-girl balls-out garage punk band? How is your music received?
I think some people get wrapped up with the whole all-girl thing… Honestly I think we’ve been received well and at least part of that can be attributed to that all-girl appeal. As far as I’m concerned, a shit-head’s a shit-head—girl, boy or other.


This isn’t your first time playing the Sled Island festival. What keeps you coming back?
I think we just like going. It’s run by great people who care about music and the people who make it. There are always good bands to go and see every day. The whole thing feels like rock vacation.


Tee-Tahs are planning to do some more recording and releasing later this summer, but for now check them out on the Broken City patio at 9:30pm on June 25th as part of the Sled Island Festival in Calgary.
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