What was it about the medium of ink that first drew you to it?
I started reading comics at the end of high school and became very attracted to the way brush strokes look and how you can create a sharp contrast with the use of black ink. For those who have never finished a piece using ink and brush before, it seems impossible to do, and I was one of those people. Learning how to do that changed everything for me. I guess I just wanted to be like my idols.

nightstalker small (1)Have you ever considered branching out into other art forms such as the illustration of comics/graphic novels or animation/cartoons?
Yes! I will definitely be making a comic at some point in the near future. I can’t really set a clear timeline for when I’d like to achieve this but it’s always been something I wanted to do. It’s why I learned to draw with ink. I’ve always wanted to animate my drawings too but the digital realm is something I struggle with, so that project is something I would need to spend more time practicing and learning before I go ahead and try to animate highly detailed pieces.

Do you think your choice of medium and personal style will change, as you yourself grow older?
I feel that at this moment I will stick with ink until I die, but maybe that’s a lot to assume? Your choice of medium is something very personal to you; it becomes an integral part of your personality. I think that’s why most artists stick with the same medium for most of their career. I can say, however, that my technique and skill has gotten better over the past year. Eventually my work will end up looking very different to when I started. This is a totally normal process for most artists though. If your technique doesn’t change and you’re always drawing the same thing it probably means you’re not trying to get better or learn anything new.

Where do you look to or what activities do you perform if you find you are at facing a roadblock in terms of creativity?
What always seems to get me out of a ‘creative block’ is photograph; mainly photographs of people standing in certain poses that I find beautiful and interesting. I also noticed, when I was working on this show, that I could come up with better ideas if I left the house and sat in a café for a while and sketched up rough ideas while I had lunch. Sometimes sitting at home staring at the computer is the most uninspiring thing you can do if you’re trying to create completely new work, so I like to step outside and enjoy the sun for a while.


Kelsey Kissel

Kelsey is an avid book reader and put her literary skills to work by obtaining an English Degree at MacEwan University. She hopes to one day have a book published but until then continues to develop her abilities by writing short stories and reading extensively.

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