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once said that he “fell into music” when he moved from Clearwater, B.C. to Edmonton, Alta. back in 2007. Since then, he’s been climbing the ranks of the local music scene, playing shows and DJing the Art Gallery of Alberta’s refinery parties and Sunday night sessions at On the Rocks. In between, he claims awards from the annual Edmonton Music Awards and the Western Canada Music Awards. While many in Edmonton know him as an emcee, you can hear swing and jazz influences in his music. Taking inspiration from the past and making it new and vibrant is only one example of how Mitchmatic makes his music stand out.
How do you describe your music style?
Well, concerning the music I’ve already released, I could only really say sample-based, introspective hip-hop. I’m working on some less-definable stuff these days though.

Do you remember the first album you listened to that made you think, “I want to be a musician”?
I’m not sure a single album made it happen for me. I feel I accidentally became a musician, or at least accidentally realized I was one. I was doing shows for years before I dreamed of associating what I did with the bands and artists I grew up on.

What bands and musicians do you like to listen to today?
The last band I got excited about was Caravan Palace, but I’m late on that train. I think Kendrick Lamar is great even though I’m not always with him on the content. He’s a hook machine! I wish it weren’t so rare for me to really love artists these days. I’m sure I’m missing out on a ton of good stuff — I just haven’t been following the right access points.

What does Edmonton have to offer musicians compared to bigger Canadian cities?
In my experience it’s been a very open scene. You may have to search for it if you’re new to the city, but once discovered it’s fairly easy to jump inside. I feel if you put in your time here you’ll at least gain recognition on a local level. I’m not sure this applies for bigger cities where luck is a greater factor.

Where’s your favourite spot to unwind in this city?
The Old Strathcona/Garneau area has been home for me for the past four and a half years, so whenever I’m around that neighbourhood I feel pretty relaxed (with exception of weekend nights in the middle of Whyte — that’s a jungle). As for particular spots, Wunderbar is always a favourite for sure!

What’s your next big project?
I’ve got a few EPs trudging along, but the one that will see the light of day first is probably going to be a project with DJ Weezl. He gets on my case just enough to make it happen. I’m slowly compiling some new gear to accommodate a bigger switch-up, but that may be further into the winter.




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