Where do these tracks fit in your personal discography?
“I was experimenting with a different production approach and from a performance standpoint – it was an experiment in my own flavor and style of pretty stripped down drum and bass dance tracks that I could perform. It was definitely exploring different approaches in production.”

Is that an avenue you’re planning on exploring more in the future?
“Right now, I’ve got a bunch of new material demoed and for my next full-length, I’m going to be collaborating. So I haven’t really figured that out yet. I’m hoping to take more of a songwriter position and direction position on the next album and work with a producer that I have fun with. So the sound on the 7”, I haven’t figured out if that was a one-off but I’m sure in that kind of vibe, I’ll be coming back and working with stuff like that. I really like minimalistic drum and bass kinda vibes. It’s fun to sing and dance and write with.”

Any highlights of the past few years come to mind?
“Two years ago when I played the East Village Block Party, what will always stick with my mind because of the flood soon after – the Bow River was probably two feet from overflowing and it had risen two feet in the time since I had gotten there. I got off stage and walked over to the river and standing next to it, it was wild. So intense. I packed my family up and got out of there and as I was rolling down the street, the fire department was coming in to evacuate the area. I’ll never forget that, playing a gig next to this super strong and impassioned river, this force of water. It was pissed off that day. It sure expressed its might. Another highlight for me was opening for Operators at the Republik last year. The crowd was so excited and to see Dan Boeckner back in a new project and to be able to play a place like the Republik in Calgary during Sled, I was so grateful for that opportunity to be put in that party position. The vibe at Sled the past few years, from the time they show up, people are ready to have a good time. As a performer, that’s such a gift to be given when people are that excited and that fired up to celebrate. I’ve no doubt that this year is gonna be no different.”

“What should people know about you before you perform?”
“I don’t spend a lot of time premeditating what I’m gonna do. I show up with my gear and I’m gonna do what I want. Whatever I feel like, that’s what I base the show off. We’re gonna have some real talk and maybe throw around some dad advice and sometimes we gotta pull our pants up and get serious. And other times we gotta let our hair down and just dance like the drunkest girl at the party.”

Mark Mills will be playing Nite Owl on Wednesday the 24th at 9:30, and the Broken City Patio at 3:00 pm on Saturday as part of Sled Island. 



Jibril Yassin

Jibril Yassin is a writer/musician from Edmonton, Alberta. Jibril mostly writes for Exclaim! Magazine but has had bylines in places like Noisey, BeatRoute, the Edmonton Journal and Pitchfork. He is an ardent fan of dumb jokes and ice cream.

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