Located next to The Artery on Jasper Avenue, ISBE Edmonton (formerly ISBE Domain) has been a social hub in Edmonton’s creative community since opening its doors just over a year ago; giving artists and creative minds a space to showcase their talents. From fashion, music and fine art, the space has seen a diverse number of events come through; much needed in a city that, quite frankly, needs more open concept spaces.

ISBE is having a grand re-opening this weekend, and I caught up with booker/promoter Joel Verhagen to talk about the upcoming event and the future of the venue.

What’s your favourite thing about Edmonton’s creative scene?
The thing I like most about Edmonton is that it’s very easy to make and create here. There are so many creative people around and they are always willing to collaborate and try new things. While Edmonton is a large city, the arts community remains very tight knit but always friendly and welcoming of new artists. Everything is accessible and flourishing and we’re always growing as a city, especially in the arts.

Why do you think it’s important for Edmonton to have a venue like ISBE?
ISBE will be playing an important role in every area of the local arts scene. We’re a spacious arts space that’s very versatile with a large capacity. It’ll be home to a wide variety of events, from live concerts to film screenings to art shows. Currently, there is a lack of music venues and not too many choices for artists to show off their work here in Edmonton. ISBE will be an amazing place for artists to flourish.

What can people expect from the new, ISBE Edmonton?
People can always expect amazing, unique experiences. We’ll always be doing things differently so every experience will be something new and exciting for the audience.

The grand opening show will feature music from, Ghost Cousin, Otto Stalk and headliner Doug Hoyer. 18+

By Brnesh Berhe

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