Kyle: And none of us are actually from Minneapolis either. I grew up overseas in Germany. My dad was in the US military so I lived there for most of my life, and I came to the Midwest to go to college.

Devon: I’m from Colorado originally, and I spent a lot of time in Chicago; that’s where I came up musically was in Chicago.

Andrew: And I’m from Kansas City, Missouri.

And are all you guys living in Minneapolis still?
Kyle: Yeah. It’s been supportive to us; it’s good to us. We have no reason to move right now because we’re dong well in our scene. Any opportunity we get to get out of town is nice, but we [still] go back.

How has it been balancing a day job with touring and recording?

Devon: It’s a balancing act for sure – it’s not easy. You have to get time off work. A couple of us have corporate jobs, and you’re kind of a slave to that stuff so you can’t just walk away and play whenever you want. We’ve been planning for [Sled Island] for months.

Kyle: I’m a graphic designer and art director, and obviously I still care about my job, but this is the other thing I like to do and I’m very passionate about it. I feel like if your head’s in the right place you can do both until one or the other becomes the main factor. But we’re all passionate about what we do and put our hearts in the right place.

It’s nice to be around people who are supportive. Our bosses know about the band and are into it, so it’s cool. It’s not the cliché of “Oh man, [I hate] my boss! I’m going to quit my job”. It’s more like, “Nope, still gotta pay my rent.” [laughs]

What do you want people to get out of one of your shows?

Kyle: Offstage it’s always jarring for people. Like, [I’m] a burly dude with a beard in cat shirt who is super soft spoken off stage, and we’re all cordial and really nice, but then we get onstage and it flips. It’s aggressive and t’s really heartfelt and emotional. There’s no gimmick, no frills…

Devon: We played a pool party where we were just hanging around, and a lot of people weren’t really paying attention to us, and properly didn’t even know we were in a band that was going to play soon [laughs]. Then after we got done playing people started talking to us and telling us they thought we were good.

We’re just the quite guys in the back that like to play really loud.



Brnesh Berhe

Brnesh is from Edmonton, Alberta and started Marker in 2013. She spends her "free time" as a graphic designer and freelance writer, and has worked with/contributed to Vancouver Weekly, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights. Challenge her to a game of Seinfeld trivia and you will surely regret it.


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