5. “Shoutout to team light skin/dark skin”

In the spirit of Black History Month, I feel like this topic needs to be addressed… for the 100th time. There is nothing like scrolling through Instagram in bed with one eye still shut, and seeing that one person use “#teamlightskin” or “#teamdarkskin” underneath a perfectly filtered picture.

No matter what generation, colourism seems to reincarnate its self, still finding a place in 2015. I am not going to disregard the improvements of our generation, but there is still room for more improvement. Confronting something as simple as a hashtag is the initial step in acknowledging the modern day existence of colourism. Shouting out your skin complexion is as ridiculous as Rick Ross shouting out pears.




Phew! *wipes sweat off forehead* Now that I got that off my chest, I want to leave you guys with this. My main intention is not to offend anyone, but to bring these issues to light. I wanted to touch on the fabric of our society and reflect on how black women like myself are treated in the millennial era.


Leah Dejenu

Leah is from Edmonton Alberta. She is currently finishing her degree in English and Middle Eastern&African Studies at the University of Alberta. She also hustles as a cosmetician along with volunteering as a youth coordinator for Africa Centre’s Youth Empowerment Group (YEG).

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