What do you think of chivalry in today’s society?


The term is more specific to males doing that activity, historically… It’s sort of expected behaviour, like if someone else is catching up to you, you hold open the door at the elevator… It’s sort of evolved into just becoming general manners.

I think it’s kind of a little bit silly… We’re so centered on equality, so why should it be expected? I think it should be expected that you do these nice things for everyone, not just for a certain gender. It’s nice to just hold open the door for anyone, rather than just specifically for women… I think if you’re a kind person, it’s just something that you do.

I think that it’s really nice to know that still there are some men that are like that. I think it’s important. I think that it’s nice to see that they have gentle gestures with girls or other people… What I know, while being here in Canada, is that Canadian women are like, “No, I don’t need that. I can do everything by my own.” … They can express whatever they want and they don’t feel like they need a guy to do all the things for them.



Tamara Aschenbrenner

Tamara Aschenbrenner has a degree in Communications from MacEwan University and a degree in Education from the University of Alberta. Her work has appeared in The Gateway, Edmonton Woman Magazine, Edmonton Senior, and Report Magazine. She is an extensive traveller, tentative daredevil and compulsive reader, and if she ever won the lottery, she would hire herself a personal magician.

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