Brother Octopus is from the Pacific Ocean (true story), and one day while swimming under the sea, a guitar floated down to him (I dare you to prove otherwise), like a sign from God or something as equally nuts. Not knowing where it came from, Mr. Octopus picked up the guitar and started playing. At that moment, he knew he had found his calling, and eventually made his way on to land. Off in the distance he could hear someone playing a tambourine. It was Lady Friend, an enchanting young woman of wondrous musical abilities. He asked her if she wanted to join a band and “BAM”, the rest is history.

Since that fateful encounter they’ve released three EPs and will be releasing their first full-length album in the fall. We spoke to Brother Octopus about the upcoming release, and the unique story behind their process of making the record.

After three EPs, why did you want to release a full length now?
We wanted to do some thing different, so it took some time to think about what we wanted to do. In the meantime we wanted to get our music out there so we did some recordings, but for this we wanted to do something unique and local too. We finally came up with the idea to do each track [in a different studio] in Edmonton and just focus on everything Edmonton; the manufacturing was done here, photography/artwork, and even Edmonton artists are featured on it as well.


Why was it important for you to go to a different studio for each track? Even staying in one studio would’ve kept the local angle.
[This record] is also for bands to take a listen to and see where they would want to record. We recorded everywhere from lo-fi studios to top quality studios and we have the names beside each track. [Established] bands and upcoming artists can look at it and be like, “I have this much to record with. I wonder what it sounds like ‘here’”. Now they can listen to our album and hear what it sounds like in each particular studio.  So that’s one reason, but we also wanted to diversify and make it more of a compilation of studios rather than just an album you would typically hear. Just, something different.

What have you gotten out of this experience of making the record?
It’s been a blast. I’ve been able to meet everyone who’s behind the scenes in Edmonton, like the engineers and mixers and artists – it’s been awesome! Everybody’s been so nice too. It’s been so easy to work with these people; we haven’t had one bad experience.

The first single, “September” will be released on June 3rd.

By Brnesh Berhe
Photo Credits: Christy Dean Photography (City f Edmonton photo), and Scot Molnar Photography.

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