On Friday, August 9, unexpected magic happened at the Edmonton Folk Festival on stage 6, with the “Young and the Restless” session featuring The Head and the Heart, Neko Case, Rayland Baxter, and Delhi 2 Dublin. All four bands played ten minute sets and finished with an improvised performance in which all four bands participated all at once.


They were having a conversation with each other through their music about love, culture, and even about hanging out with Jesus (based on a lighthearted, humorous dream that Rayland Baxter once had). All four bands performed without pressuring or competing with one another to overshadow the other’s performances.  In the end, we got a blend of styles that showed the audience that music always has room to surprise, amuse, and charm its listeners.

By Becky Hagan-Egyir
Photo credit: VSM Photo

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